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Geoffrey's MVP Scholarship Recipients

Please read below to learn more about our past scholarship recipients!

Nominated by Coach Justin Hartman, the 2020 scholarship recipient is Chris Vindel of Dover High School. A dedicated player and popular with his teammates, Chris excelled on the field and in the classroom. He’s very interested in getting involved in aeronautics and space exploration and will be pursuing that path in college.

Chris Vindel , 2020 - Dover H.S.

Nominated by Coach Darrell Fusco, the 2019 scholarship recipient is Jiinho “Howard” Hwang of Mountain Lakes High School. For Howard, football was a team experience like no other, having moved to the U.S. from Taiwan. For Coach Fusco, Howard was a loyal, hardworking student who made his team better even as his playing time was limited. An excellent student, Howard is pursuing a career in architecture in college.

Jiinho "Howard" Hwang, 2019 - Mountain Lakes H.S.

Nominated by Coach Bryan Gallagher, Robert Ezzi served as team manager for Boonton High School for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Coach Gallagher calls him “the best manager we ever had.” Always supporting and encouraging his teammates, Robert was a “team player” whose hard work allowed Boonton’s continued success on the field. Robert embodies the spirit of Geoffrey’s MVP, giving back to his community as a volunteer fireman.

He is attending Montclair State University.

Robert Ezzi, 2018 - Boonton H.S.

Nominated by Coach Brett Ressler, Jack Bradley is the embodiment of the spirit of Geoffrey D’Aries, founder of Geoffrey’s MVP. Despite health issues that prevented him from playing high school football, Jack stuck with his team throughout high school.

He is attending FDU-Madison searching for a major in the sports management field.

Jack Bradley, 2017 - Mendham H.S.

Nominated in by Coach Ed Kopp, Mike Yaconis impressed the selection committee with his commitment to his team and his community.

He is attending New Jersey City University as a Fire Science major.

Mike Yaconis, 2016 - Pequannock H.S.