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Geoffrey's Mission

Striving To Find Geoffrey's MVP's


To Geoffrey’s MVP this means “never-ending” support for a Morris County High School football program. For a player or non-player, this means practicing hard, encouraging teammates, insisting on fair play, and having unselfish commitment to the team. Geoffrey himself is the embodiment of this attitude toward football.


This means commitment to learning both in the classroom and in extra-curricular intellectual pursuits. For high school students this is evidenced by success in the classroom and demonstrated by an understanding and knowledge of the needs of our local community as well as our country. This can be shown through the arts or through civic volunteer work. This love of learning and awareness of civic responsibilities is crucial as we move forward in the 21st Century.


By definition citizens of a democratic society need to support each other. Geoffrey’s MVP is looking to support Morris County students who embody sportsmanship and scholarship as they move forward from high school, and may need funds from an outside source to achieve their goals.

Mission Statement

Striving to find Geoffrey's MVP's

Geoffrey D’Aries has been an unselfish and spirited supporter of Morris County football for many years. This Foundation would seek to award a yearly $2,000 scholarship to a Morris County football player(s) or student(s) who exemplifies Geoffrey’s sportsmanship and support. This student would not be a star or even a starter on his team, but one whose sportsmanship, scholarship, and needs should be supported. Female students and even non-players are eligible, but they must be active supporters of their football program. Additionally, the Foundation would be available on a need basis to help those in need in the state of New Jersey due to emergency or tragedy.

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We can only achieve our mission if we are able to raise enough money to provide the necessary scholarships each year.

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