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Who can apply?

(Nominations Due by February 1, 2020) Applicants must be currently enrolled Morris County High School students involved in their school’s football program. Involvement does not mean that you must be a football player and can include a number of different aspects such as students whose sportsmanship, scholarship, and needs should be supported. Female students and even non-players are eligible, but they must be active supporters of their football program. Additionally, the Foundation would be available on a need basis to help those in need in the state of New Jersey due to emergency or tragedy.

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The Scholarship Process

Step 1: Coach’s Nomination

The head coach of a Morris County high school football team nominates a player, manager, cheerleader, or statistician from his program by sending to Geoffrey's MVP the name and address of a student and a brief statement of the student’s role in the program and why he or she is being nominated. This nomination should be submitted by February 1.

Step 2: Student’s Application

The nominated student will be contacted by Geoffrey’s MVP and has until March 1 to complete an application and send it to Geoffrey’s MVP at: PO Box 224, Brookside, NJ 07926. The student will be provided an application in the contact letter but he or she may also download a copy of the application from this website.

Step 3: Scholarship Award

Geoffrey’s MVP scholarship committee will review all applications though the month of March and the Scholarship will be awarded by April 15.

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