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After 38 years of teaching and coaching, I’m walking down the beautiful New Jersey Shore from Sandy Hook to Cape May simply because I can. For my entire life, my family, friends, and I have enjoyed all that the Jersey Shore offers. So, now that I have the time, I’m going to spend September at the Shore – the whole Shore from North to South – the beaches, boardwalks, and roads; the people I know and the people I’ll meet; the restaurants (and bars!); the water and waves; and, hopefully, the benign weather. If this sounds like a good idea and you’d like to follow me along the way, please make a donation to Geoffrey’s MVP and read this website to find out about what we want to accomplish.

Doug Kirk, Geoffrey's MVP Founder

Map and Itinerary

Please explore Doug's journey below. Anything labeled "TBD" means that he either hasn’t decided or doesn’t know where he is staying yet. If you have, or know anyone who has a place where he could stay, please contact us and let us know! Bird Watching means that the Philadelphia Eagles game is on...


Doug is taking a boat directly from Island Beach State Park to Barnegat Light, NJ. The interactive Google Map cannot factor this in automatically.


Sandy Hook Lighthouse to Cape May Lighthouse 2015 (Total: 167.33 Miles)

Day 1 (Start): Tuesday, Sept. 8 – Sandy to Long Branch (13 Miles) – the Benwells

Day 2: Wednesday, Sept. 9 – Long Branch to Manasquan (14) – Pershing Ave Rental

Day 3: Thursday, Sept. 10 – Rest – Pershing Ave, Manasquan

Day 4: Friday, Sept. 11 – Manasquan to Bay Head (7.5) Chief’s house – Bridge Ave.

Day 5: Saturday, Sept. 12 – Bay Head to Seaside Heights (10) TBD

Day 6: Sunday, Sept. 13 – Seaside to IB State Park, then to LBI – TBD + Bird Watching

Day 7: Monday, Sept. 14 – Barnegat Light to Surf City (8.2) TBD

Day 8: Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Surf City to Tuckerton (13.4) TBD

Day 9: Wednesday, Sept. 16 – Tuckerton to Turtle Run Campground via Stage Rd. (9.8)

Day 10: Thursday, Sept. 17 – Turtle Run to Renault Winery (11.23)

Day 11: Friday, Sept. 18 – Renault Winery to Days Inn Absecon (9.6) TBD

Day 12: Saturday, Sept. 19 – Days Inn Absecon to Atlantic City TBD (9.9)


Day 13: Sunday, Sept 20 – Rest – Bird Watching in AC.

Day 14: Monday, Sept. 21 –  AC TBD to Ocean City (9.9)  TBD

Day 15: Tuesday, Sept. 22 – Ocean City to Sea Isle City (11.49)  TBD


Day 16: Wednesday, Sept. 23 – Sea Isle City to Avalon (4.62) TBD

Day 16: Or Sea Isle to Stone Harbor –  (8.09) TBD

Day 17: Thursday, Sept. 24 – Rest (Could do Avalon Wed. and SH Thursday)

Day 18: Friday, Sept. 25 – Stone Harbor to Wildwood (6.2) TBD

Day 19 (Finish): Saturday, Sept. 26 – Wildwood to Cape May Lighthouse (11.4) Pick – up